3 Reasons Your Team May Be Struggling to Reach the Decision Maker

Add urgency to your customers' problems

There has been some great research done recently by Forrester Research and Sirius Decisions that I wanted to call your attention to. Recently, they found that 80% of buying decisions are being shifted to the executive level.

That creates an interesting challenge when you get stuck working with a mid-level director or when you simply can’t get access to the CEO. In these scenarios, your proposal may end up stuck on someone’s desk and your deal simply never moves forward.

Often, the root cause of this problem lies in one of these three scenarios:

  1. The salesperson simply lacks the confidence to have an executive-level conversation.
  2. The salesperson has trouble creating the kind of credibility they need to gain access to a C-level executive.
  3. The message the salesperson is putting forth is out of step with the executive’s top-of-mind business issues.

So my question to you is, “Which of these apply to your team?”

Is it a confidence challenge? Is it a lack of credibility? Is your messaging not aligned or not resonating?  What’s holding your team back from meeting with executives?

A lot of times, I’ll hear the answer, “We’re just not able to get access to executive-level conversations we need to close our deals.”

That’s usually an indication that your messaging isn’t resonating with the executive you’re trying to reach. Do some additional research to understand what his or her most pressing business problem is relative to your solution, and focus your messaging in that direction for maximum results.

No matter how amazing your product or service might be, if it doesn’t solve a problem that your target executive is worried about, it most likely won’t get purchased. Apply this philosophy to any stalled deals you might have, and see if you can reframe your proposal to create a faster decision.

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