Are You Just Pushing Products?

Are you pushing products?

Are you and your team really selling solutions?

According to CSO Insights—a group that researches sales organizations and sales-driven organizations—in 2013, barely half of the sales reps in the U.S. achieved quota.

And also, according to SiriusDecisions, only about one in three reps is seen as adding value to C-Level conversations, with reps having less than a one in four chance of getting a second appointment with an executive.1

What I found interesting about this is that if any other part of your business were operating at this level of performance, you would probably be circling the wagons and bringing every resource you could find to bear on this problem.

Yet, on the sales side of the business, we seem to just accept this as the status quo: a very tough selling environment in a very tough economic environment. We accept these numbers.

Instead, we should be asking ourselves: are we really selling solutions? Or are we just pushing our products?

One way to answer this question is to ask yourself: are my customers able to clearly recognize, understand and quantify the value my product or service brings to their business?

That is, can they clearly understand how your product or solution impacts their business and makes their world better? Do they know what they would be missing if you weren’t in their lives? And can they measure it in a way that affects their bottom line?

If the answer to any of these questions is "no," then you might be pushing products, not selling solutions.

In my next post, I’ll address more concrete ways to address this situation. Most companies look to their sales process, but I’ll show you a better way.

1SiriusDecisions, 2012 Summit, Transforming Sales, Marketing and Products Through Alignment.

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