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Messaging Fuels Methodology
July 17, 2017

Why Your Deals Are Running out of Fuel Before the Finish Line

In 1986, French racing driver Alain Prost tried to race the German Grand Prix without any fuel. Okay, that’s not exactly true. Actually, Prost’s car …

July 6, 2017

Are You Positioning Your Sales Team to Win—or Fail?

If you’re not doing everything you can to position your sales team to win, you’re potentially leaving millions of dollars on the table. A recent …

June 9, 2017

Kevin McArdle Featured in C-Level Magazine

Is your company losing business to competitors who offer less value? Are you experiencing downward price pressure? In this interview with C-Level Magazine, Kevin McArdle …

May 31, 2017

How to Ensure This Year Is a Total Waste of Time, Energy and Money

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms? (And are they driving you crazy?) You’re in a constant state of overwhelm. You know that you (or …

5 Beliefs That Are Hurting Your Results
April 27, 2017

4 Beliefs That Are Hurting Your Marketing Results

If your marketing initiatives aren’t producing the results you’d hoped for this year, take a look at the following list of beliefs that might be …

Are You Stealing from Your Future?
April 20, 2017

If You’re Not Doing This, You’re Stealing from Your Future

In today’s fast-paced markets, the companies who excel are the ones who invest in innovation—and the education that sets the stage for rapid advancement. Where …

Are you creating an us vs them environment?
April 5, 2017

Are You Building an “Us” and “Them” Environment?

Although I try to avoid it at all costs, sometimes a consulting engagement can divide teams into "them" (the client) and "us" (the consultants). This …

March 29, 2017

Why Your Marketing Is Probably Focused on the Wrong Things

A research report from Forrester Research recently reported that, for the last 10 years, B2B marketing expenditures have increased faster than revenue growth. In other …

Are You Asking the Right Questions?
February 7, 2017

Nine Provocative Questions That Create Winning Conversations

Asking every client the same 20 diagnostic or assessment questions is a comfort zone approach that has been taught for the past 30 years. However, …

Are you asking the right questions?
January 14, 2017

One Test to Determine Whether Your Sales Call Was a Winner or a Loser

After 30 years of research and consulting, I’m hearing one complaint from executives more and more. They’re tired of the traditional diagnostic questioning methodologies. Not …