Do You Have An Ideal Customer Profile?

Who is your ideal customer?

Many of the executives and business leaders I work with display impressive expertise surrounding their product, service and/or solution. However, when it comes to understanding their prospects’ world, those same experts are often almost clueless.

That’s not a good thing!

Knowing a lot about your offering is just a starting point. Your focus needs to be on customer knowledge. You need an in-depth understanding of their business environment, objectives, change drivers, change inhibitors, issues, challenges and more. Without this, you won’t be able to craft compelling messages that attract new prospective customers to you in droves and you won’t know the right sales messages that will convince them to choose you over your competition.

This is so important in today’s crowded markets because you often don’t get a second chance.

Knowing your customers starts by getting clear on your Ideal Customer Profile, including items like their revenue potential and likelihood of closing. In fact, it’s the most important exercise you can do to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing and sales efforts because it  will help you:

  • Find great prospects more easily through smart targeting.
  • Disqualify poor prospects more quickly.

…both of which lead you to faster sales cycles, higher win rates and top line revenue growth.

In my next post, I’ll drill down and discuss the key elements you need to create an Ideal Customer Profile that will help you grow your numbers this quarter.

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