Is Your Marketing Malfunctioning?

Marketing Malfunction

What do you do when your marketing isn’t doing its job: bringing fresh new leads into your business for you sales team to close?

Have you ever executed what you thought was a brilliant campaign, only to have the phone fall silent, with your sales team stuck chasing dead-end leads?

When there’s room for improvement in my clients’ marketing campaigns, I turn to this three-point checklist to pinpoint the marketing malfunction. If a campaign falls flat, it’s usually for one of three reasons:

  1. Failure to truly understand your target customers and their business needs—i.e., the problems they are trying to solve. In this busy world of emails, phone calls and text messages, if you’re not speaking directly to your customers’ biggest problems, you’re simply not going to get  response.
  2. Failure to properly differentiate your solutions from your competition—in ways that matter to your customers. Few companies make it crystal clear why they’re better than their competition, and even fewer go the extra mile to do it from the perspective of their customers. A V8 engine is a feature, not a benefit, until you remind your customer how it increases his or her tow capacity.
  3. Failure to engage your prospects with meaningful messages.Remember, you want to create marketing messages that drive action, not just interest. Is your marketing providing a persuasive argument that answers your customer’s two primary buying questions—”Why change?” and “Why you and your company?” If not, retool your message, and you’ll see results.

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