What Separates Businesses That Thrive?

Is your business thriving?

I’ve been fascinated with one question for a long time: Why do some businesses thrive at a time when others are struggling to survive?

I just came back from a speaking engagement in Washington, D.C., and I met two high-tech, IT consulting firms that specialize in big data analytics. One of them was really struggling while the other was thriving in the same market.

I was interested to hear their stories because I’ve been investigating this topic for years. These two companies fell right along the lines of what I’ve discovered: Top performing companies do two things in terms of customer engagement.

  • They excel at relating to and communicating with their customers. In other words, they’re able to engage their customers by creating relevant, compelling and meaningful conversations across both their sales and marketing initiatives.
  • The way that they sell their solutions is illustrative and simple. The most successful companies help their prospective customers distill their complex world into something simple that they can clearly understand. This makes it simple for their customers to move forward with a decision—to choose you.

Are these two things your company excels at? If not, how could you adapt your current messaging, marketing and sales practices? I invite you to explore my Best Practices section to help spark some new ideas.

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