3 Reasons Your Customers Aren’t Taking Action

Add urgency to your customers' problems

When a deal stalls, you and your team may ask yourselves why. Lately, I’ve been seeing some trends in the marketplace that can help you get your arms around why your customers aren’t taking action.

Use these 3 reasons as a means for you to evaluate the stalled accounts that you have in your pipeline right now:

Reason #1: They don’t recognize the problem at all. In other words, they’re not experiencing enough pain to want to do something different. Their current situation isn’t uncomfortable enough to move them to action. 

Solution: Identify the problem for your customer. What’s the bottom line impact of NOT taking action? Calculate this and present it to your customers to add urgency and priority to the problem that you solve.

Reason #2: They don’t see how your solution is going to solve their problem. They may recognize that they do have a problem, one with consequences. However, they don’t understand the unique value that your solution is going to bring to solve their problem.

Solution: You have to be able to demonstrate—and quantify—the unique value your solution brings to your customers. Without this, your deal will remain stalled in the proposal phase.

Reason #3: The prospect doesn’t believe that problem is serious enough to take action. They recognize they have a problem, and they believe your solution can solve it but there’s no sense of urgency around their problem. There’s no desire for change.

Solution: Even though your customer’s sense of awareness is sharper than in scenario #1, the solution is similar: calculate the bottom line impact of NOT taking action, then contrast it with the bottom line impact of using your solution. The difference between the two is where your value lies, and it’s in this contrast that you’ll find urgency and priority—and more closed deals.

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