Why Your Company Should Own 5 Phrases

Five Phrases to Own

As I discussed in my recent article, a lot of organizations spend their time on the mechanics of their messaging, the channels that get their message out there, instead of the messaging itself. Your messaging creates a serious opportunity to create 1) value for your customers and a 2) strong competitive advantage for your organization.

When I’m working with my clients on their messaging, we focus on five phrases they can own in the marketplace. These are five phrases that are inextricably linked to what they do, so that when anyone thinks of or searches on these phrases, they’ll be the dominant player in the market. For example, if you own a printing company who’s trying to expand into a younger demographic, you may want to be top-of-mind when people think of the phrase "modern wedding invitations."

Formulating these five phrases—and using them within your messaging—will help you be engaging and memorable. It will also help you shape the overall trajectory of your messaging so you stay focused in the areas in which you excel.

As you formulate your company’s five phrases, make sure you think of them from your customer’s perspective. Get rid of any jargon or any industry terms your customers won’t be immediately familiar with. You want to speak to your customers using their language. This will make your message relatable and help you connect with your prospective customers quickly.

You might think I’m talking about search engine optimization—and I am—but not exclusively. These five phrases aren’t limited to Google searches. These five phrases should be used throughout your sales and marketing messages so that you own these phrases online as well as offline.

When combined with the Nine Messaging Tools Every Company Needs, your five phrases will help you focus your sales and marketing messages on your organization’s main strengths—and therefore help you dominate in the market that you’ve defined.

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