Growing Leaders, Growing Companies Episode #1 – Hitting the Ceiling: Business Growth Strategies for When Progress Stalls

Hitting the Ceiling in Your Organization

Has your business growth stalled? Are you struggling to break through to the next level? Are you working harder and getting fewer results? You may be hitting the ceiling in your organization.

However, if you’re willing to embrace the idea that the ceiling is a natural part of the life-cycle of a business, you can actually plan yourself out of these plateaus.

Join Kevin McArdle and Megan O’Leary of McArdle Business Advisors for Episode #1 of the Growing Leaders Growing Companies podcast as they discuss business growth strategies to help you sharpen your leadership skills and create traction in your business. 

You’ll discover:

  • How you can leverage one business strategy from Amazon to create continual growth in your organization.
  • 5 questions to ask yourself to plan yourself out of a plateau and into the growth phase of your business.
  • How to build a team with strong leadership skills who can give you the outside perspective you need on your business.

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