Growing Leaders, Growing Companies, Episode #3 – How a Clarity Break Can Make You a Stronger, More Effective Leader

The Power of Clarity Breaks

Are you feeling overwhelmed, buried in the day-to-day of your organization? Maybe you’re stuck reacting to everything that comes at you, instead of directing where you and your leadership team need to spend your energy. Or maybe you’re feeling like you’ve lost the focus you once had on your vision.

One discipline that all great leaders have in common is that they take time on a regular basis to rise above the everyday demands of their jobs to think from the 30,000 foot level.

In EOS terms, we call this a Clarity Break,™ and it’s a habit that can help you become a stronger, more confident and more effective executive. It’s a timeless discipline that all great leaders including Bill Gates, Lee Iacocca and Stephen R. Covey practice. If you’re not taking regular Clarity Breaks, you’ll find it challenging to perform at your full potential. 

In this episode of Growing Leaders, Growing Companies, you’ll discover:

  • 17 questions to help you use your Clarity Break to formulate and execute strategic moves with clarity and confidence
  • What you might be missing by spending too much time working IN your business and not ON your business
  • How to carve out this valuable block of time for yourself – and stay accountable, even when you get busy

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