Growing Leaders, Growing Companies, Episode #6 – Delegate to Elevate Your Role and Remove Your Obstacles to Growth

Delegate and Elevate

Have you ever experienced the thrill of operating from your superpowers, what Dan Sullivan calls your “unique ability”?

Imagine working within that skill set, enjoying what feels like never-ending improvement. You feel energized, rather than drained. Most of all, you feel a passion that pushes you forward, allowing you to achieve new levels of success.

But here’s the sobering truth: You’ll NEVER get to work this arena unless you learn to delegate. And until you begin to delegate effectively, you also may be holding your company back from experiencing significant growth.

In this episode of Growing Leaders, Growing Companies, we’ll explore:

  • What holds people back from delegating, as well as . . .
  • Some practical ways that you can start delegating in your organization to open the door for significant growth.

For a transcript of this episode, plus additional resources and best practices tools, visit

Update: We got so many comments from this episode that we recorded a second episode on this topic. Check out Episode #7: A Deeper Dive into the “How” of Delegation to Unleash Your Organization’s Potential for Growth.

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