Growing Leaders, Growing Companies Episode #7: A Deeper Dive into the “How” of Delegation to Unleash Your Organization’s Potential for Growth

Delegate and Elevate

After receiving a flood of comments about Episode #6 of the Growing Leaders, Growing Companies podcast, we decided to take a deeper dive into the topic of delegation.

When you master this leadership ability, it has the power to: free you up to flourish in your unique abilities, develop your team’s capabilities and unleash your organization’s potential for growth.

In this episode, we’ll dig into the “how” of delegation to share:

  • 5 simple steps to create delegation success in your organization.
  • What you should NEVER delegate to a team member.
  • The ONE quality you need to cultivate as a leader who’s committed to delegation.

For a transcript of this episode, plus additional resources and best practices tools, visit

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