Turning Momentum into Traction

Leverage What's Working
As you start to strengthen the six components of your business, you’ll notice that things will start to move forward. In order to turn that momentum into traction, you’ll need to establish habits within your organization that consistently foster growth.

I recommend creating a 90-Day World in which everyone works on the same set of priorities. The 90-day idea stems from a natural phenomenon—that human beings stumble, get off track and lose focus roughly every 90 days. To address this aspect of human nature, you must implement a routine throughout the entire organization that creates a 90-Day World.

Here’s how this can work in your organization. Get together with your leadership team to look at the next 90 days. Establish the three to seven top priorities that will make the biggest difference in your organization. Reinforce these priorities with regular meetings that occur on the same day, at the same time every week, with the same agenda.

Repeat these steps every quarter, using the distinctions from the previous quarter to improve your performance in the next. Before you know it, you’ll be at the head of a solid, well-oiled machine with the traction it needs to dominate your niche and move forward into a healthy, lasting future.

Remember, 90 days is about as long as a human being can stay focused. It’s human nature. Stop fighting it and solve the problem by using this 90-Day World cadence in your organization.

What three to seven priorities could you focus on in the next 90 days to gain traction?

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