The Five Things You Should Never Delegate

5 Things You Should Never DelegateAlthough delegation is an ability that will help you and your company break through the ceiling, 30+ years of consulting experience have taught us a critical distinction. There are five things that you should never delegate to a team member, which are:

1. Tasks in Which You Yourself Aren’t Skilled

Think about it this way: If you don’t know how to bake an apple pie, you probably shouldn’t show someone else how to do it. Delegation isn’t the solution in this situation. Either you or your team member likely needs training from an outside expert to close a skills gap.

2. What You Are Directly Contributing to the Growth of Your Business

These are high-value activities. Even if they’re not your favorite to perform, they’re important enough that they should remain on your plate as an executive.

3. Work Your Team Members Can’t Perform Effectively

In addition to making sure you have the right people in the right seats, you also need to make sure you delegate only to team members who have the capacity to perform the task. If there’s no one on your team who can handle this task, you may need to hire for a new position.

4. Management Decisions

Any decisions about the running, management or leadership of the business belong on your plate. You shouldn’t delegate these decisions to lower-level team members. After all, the future and the direction of the company belong in your hands.

5. Personal Accountability of Your Direct Reports

As a leader, it’s your responsibility to hold these individuals accountable to their Rocks. Never delegate off that accountability.

Despite this caveat, delegation is still a critical ability to develop, one that can free you up to flourish in your unique abilities and remove your obstacles to growth.

To discover how to hone this skill and explore the five steps for effective delegation, check out Episode #6 of the Growing Leaders, Growing Companies podcast.

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